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Founded in 1977, Siyahkalem Inc. has pursued reliability and consistency in the infrastructure, real estate and construction projects executed domestically and internationally. ... Siyahkalem, with over 40 years of experience in engineering,energy and enviromental technology sectors, executes all of its projects with the highest environmental, health and safety considerations. Our management philosophy that puts ethics on par with business interests also ensures the environmental and social sustainability of our projects is a natural component of our business process. ...

Environment and Quality Policy

We are committed that we will meet the needs and expectations of our customers in accordance with the requirements of the management system with our management team and educated contemporary personnel by following the technological innovations in the sector simultaneously with the world; ... We will adapt the constant development philosophy and systems to the MANAGEMENT SYSTEM in all processes and we will constantly improve its efficiency, we will assimilate it to all the personnel and increase the market share, profitability and competitive power in this direction; ... We will constantly develop and improve our management system; ... We will follow the legal requirements, standards and compliance obligations that we are subject to, and the Environment and ISG legislations in force and all the conditions of the organizations in which we are a member; ... As a company, we will not harm the ecological balance with all our activities; ... We will minimize the waste at its source, reuse and recycle when it is possible and ensure that non-recycled waste is properly disposed; ... We will ensure the efficient use of energy, raw materials and natural resources; ... We will provide all necessary protections to control the accident, damage and danger that may happen in the possession of ourselves and others at the very beginning phase and prevent the negative effects that may arise on the health of our employees and the people affected by our activities; ... We will improve our employees' awareness of environmental and occupational health safety in this respect, and we will make the understanding of the CISK management system as a philosophy of life; ... We will monitor the hazards related to occupational health and safety with the same sensitivity, and we will put the necessary effort to minimize them; ... We will carry out works to develop environmental and ISG consciousness of the related parties. ...

Our Subsidiaries

Era Environment ... ERA Environmental Technologies became operational in 1999 with a clear vision of producing proper technological solutions to environmental problems stemming from developing technology and growing industrialization. Our purpose is to provide Turkey with these services using recent innovations, research and development projects based on, first of all, an environmental and human health policy as well as our expertise and technology. ... Siyahkalem Energy ... As Siyahkalem Energy, in line with our energy policy, we continue to work on many domestic and renewable energy projects, some of which are in the tender process. In terms of supply security, some of the other projects that we work on are; natural gas import from Northern Iraq and LNG storage & gasification. ...

Mission & Vision

Our Vision
Siyahkalem uses the experience it has accumulated in the construction industry over the years for carrying out projects that are friendly with the environment, nature and humans. Emphasizing the social cultural and lifestyle needs of the individual in all its projects, Siyahkalem aims to design the living spaces of the future with universal projects, owning up to aesthetic values, considering all contemporary needs of the individual. ... Our Mission
Placing the human being at the core, Siyahkalem aims to identify the urban and urbanization problems of our day correctly, to overcome them and to leave living spaces they will be proud of, to the future generations. Siyahkalem, which does not compromise quality in any previous and future projects, is committed to the concepts of “aesthetics, nature, social texture and sustainable living” in all its projects. ... Our Values
• “Respect for the human being” lies at the center of both our management and also operational concept. • We act with the awareness that we have borrowed this earth from future generations; we think that we need to create sustainable cities for a sustainable life. • We believe that all people deserve a high quality life and we do not compromise quality required by the project for any reason whatsoever. • We are aware that development and progress have to be together with our environment, striving to improve the environment alongside of ourselves. • We adopt a transparent and sharing management concept, we follow it not just as an in-house operating principle but also in our relations with all our stakeholders we work with. • Internationally recognized environmental health and safety requirements and the standards of international environmental organizations lie at the core of all our projects. ... Our Principles
Respect to man and nature/ Professional competence/ Specialization/Liability ...

Fields of Operation
  • Siyahkalem has delivered numerous international level contracts in time and budget with desired quality. These projects from design level to commissioning stage have been executed in Turkey and abroad . ... Completing highways,bridges and various infrastruce projects,in last 5 years in 5 different cities of Turkey, Siyahkalem realized 6,700 residences,7 schools, commercial centers,kindergardens,sport facilities.Siyahkalem uses the experience obtained from the construction sector over the course of many years to create projects that respect the enviroment,nature and people. ...

  • Siyahkalem Energy in Brief
    Siyahkalem Group has been involved in the development and execution of number of energy projects, out of which following schemes are signature examples.

    Kangal Coal Power Plant – 537 MW (Sivas, Turkey)
    Kangal Power Station is a 537 MW coal-fired power plant located in Hamal, Sivas, Turkey. Sivas Kangal Thermal Power Plant has been taken over from the Privatization Administration for 985 Million USD as part of a Joint Venture.

    Biomass Power Plant – 12 MW (Erzincan, Turkey)
    Siyahkalem operates the first and only power plant in Turkey that generates energy from biomass liquids produced by pyrolysis process of waste tires.
    The plant provides sufficient electricity for the needs of 30.000 people.

    Iraq – Turkey Natural Gas Concession
    Siyahkalem has the sole licence to import Natural Gas from Iraq to Turkey, amounting up to 3.2 bcm/year until 2042. ...

  • Siyahkalem Environmental in Brief
    Siyahkalem Group has been involved in the environment sector, through its affiliate company ERA Environmental Technologies Inc., acquired in 2007 to develop and execute projects in the Environment and infrastructure sectors, i.e. ... Era Environmental Technologies Inc. was established in 1999 with the aim of finding suitable solutions with the right technology for the environmental problems that arise as a result of developing technology and rapidly increasing industrialization. ... Era Environmental Technologies Inc. desires to continue to act with the principle of taking part in new and prestigious projects, bringing solutions to environmental problems in Turkey and international platforms by doing productive, efficient and directive studies with its experience and expertise. ... ERA’s Selected Reference Projects
    Bursa Medical Waste Treatment Plant, commissioned in July 2008. (Capacity : 7.600 ton/year)
    Sakarya Medical Waste Treatment Plant, commissioned in January 2009. (Capacity : 6.500 ton/year)
    Gaziantep Medical Waste Treatment Plant, commissioned in January 2009. (Capacity : 7.600 ton/year)
    Kastamonu Medical Waste Treatment Plant, commissioned in January 2012. (Capacity : 3.500 ton/year)
    Sivas Medical Waste Treatment Plant commissioned in January 2012. (Capacity : 4.300 ton/year)
    Elazıg Medical Waste Treatment Plant, commissioned in July 2012. (Capacity : 2.100 ton/year)
    Istanbul Medical Waste Treatment Plant, commissioned in April 2013. (Capacity : 39.420 ton/year)
    Kutahya Medical Waste Treatment Plant, commissioned in October 2013. (Capacity : 2.100 ton/year)
    Kastamonu Transportation of Municipal Waste and Landfill Operation (Capacity : 100.000 ton/year)
    Sakarya Municipality waste to energy (BOT) (Capacity : 350.000 ton/year) ...

  • Siyahkalem taking firm steps forward in the construction sector has also carried its successful progress to the real estate sector with the "Köy Project", the result of cooperation made with Emlak Konut. ... With its qualified team , Siyahkalem builds living spaces in high standards and develops projects that add value to their locations and surroundings . ...

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