Istanbul Yeni Fikirtepe Zone 3419-1 Mass Housing Project

By the late 2020, Presidency of the Republic of Turkey has initiated an “Urban Renewal Scheme” aimed to transform and clear out the suburb areas of Fikirtepe, Kadıköy.
Siyahkalem has taken its part of the scheme to reconstruct around 250 apartment units in 3 high rise blocks, together with all infrastructral and landscaping works.
Having a total construction area of 63.000 m² in three blocks, the fast track project is in commissioning stage and will be handed over in the last quarter of 2023, making the project to be completed in a relatively short period of less than two years.

Proje Detayları

Employer: Emlak Konut Real Estate Investment Trust (Emlak GYO)
Location: Istanbul
Project Duration: 2021 - 2023
Construction Area: 63.0099 m²