National Archieves Complex of Turkey

The project was awarded as 157 Million USD in 2009 and completed in 1050 days as a one of a kind landmark project in İstanbul, Turkey. With its state-of-art high-end technological solutions, the complex aims to preserve all national archieves of Ottoman Empire including 36 nations’ archieves formerly ruled by Ottoman Empire. Some of the technological solutions offered within the complex are given as follows :
* Archieves racks of 80 km length (The largest archieves in the world!)
* Inert Gaseous Fire Distinguishing System (Argon – HFC 227 EA) for archieves storage units
* Water Mist Fire Extinguishing System archieve hallways
* Humidity control system for each archieve storage units
* Fingerprint recognition System
* Vehicle plate recognition System
* Profound security system with over 800 cameras
* Automation and control of all system from one center
The project involves 12 archieves units, 2 administration blocks, 1 museum and 1 convention center with a total construction area of 122,000 m².

Proje Detayları

Employer: T.R. Prime Ministry, Housing Development Administration of Turkey
Location: Kagithane - Istanbul
Project Duration: 2009 - 2013
Construction Area: 122.000 m²